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REVIEW U.S. equity markets closed out the week on a down note as the coronavirus’ spread outside of China accelerated and investors took a cautious stance heading into the weekend. The latest figures out of China showed the number of new cases continued

Stocks fell on Friday as worries over the coronavirus’ impact on the Chinese economy outweighed the release of the stronger-than-expected U.S. jobs data.. The spike in confirmed coronavirus cases and deaths came as investors pored through the latest U.S.

振り返り Stocks fell sharply on Friday, wiping out the Dow Jones Industrial Average’s gain for January, as investors grew increasingly worried about the potential economic impact of China’s fast-spreading coronavirus. The Dow dropped 650 points, or 2.3%



レビューとプレビュー The trade war initiated by President Donald Trump isn’t helping, Yellen said. For the past year and a half, the U.S. and China have been lobbing tariffs back and forth on billions in goods as part of the White House’s efforts to le

Stocks slid off their best levels of the session on Friday after the U.S. and China agreed to a “phase one deal” in the trade war, but still managed to post strong gains. The deal, which will take three to five weeks to write, includes China agreeing to

振り返りThe U.S. jobs machine kept humming along in April, adding a robust 263,000 new hires while the unemployment rate fell to 3.6%, the lowest in a generation, the Labor Department reported Friday. Nonfarm payroll growth easily beat Wall Street expecta


先週のニュース An abiding mystery of the Trump Presidency is why it can’t stand prosperity. And right on time, after its victory on Russian collusion, the Administration decided this week to elevate a legal fight over health care that it is almost sure t

今週のニュース Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s assertion this week that the U.S. economy remains strong is facing a stern test from the bond market, which showed a classic recession sign Friday morning. Short-term government fixed income yields

これまでThe U.S. economy added 304,000 jobs in January, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The report follows a 35-day U.S. government shutdown. It also marks the 100th straight month of jobs growth. However, the report also inc







これまでのアウトルックGlobal equity markets continued their 2019 ascent late last week after brief declines following the total lunar eclipse and Mars square Saturn on January 21. The declines were nowhere near the rampage that occurred under a similar to



メリマンレポートがアップされたので翻訳しました。下記ページからの引用です。https://mmacycles.com/index.php?route=blog/article&category_id=1&article_id=234これまでの市場動向についてWorld equity markets blew right through the first JupiterNeptune square last

1月14日に出されたメリマン氏のレポートを簡単に翻訳しました。米国の債務についてFederal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell is concerned about the ballooning amount of United States debt. "I'm very worried about it," Powell said at The Economic Club of Washington