The trade war initiated by President Donald Trump isn’t helping, Yellen said. For the past year and a half, the U.S. and China have been lobbing tariffs back and forth on billions in goods as part of the White House’s efforts to level the global playing field and halt the theft of technology and intellectual property. “I see no sign that that’s been successful in turning around these trends,” she said of the protectionist trade actions. “These tariffs are taxes on American consumers and businesses. It’s making it more difficult and more expensive to do business, to control costs, and consumers are seeing higher prices from it.” – Jeff Cox, “Janet Yellen Says ‘There is Good Reason to Worry’ About the US Economy Sliding into a Recession,” https://www.cnbc.com, November 21, 2019. .

イエレン氏によると、トランプ大統領が始めた貿易戦争は役に立たないという。過去1年半の間、米国と中国は、グローバルな競争の場をくつがえし、技術と知的財産の窃盗を阻止するホワイトハウスの努力の一環として、何十億もの商品に対して関税を行ってきました。「これらの傾向を好転させることに成功した兆候は見られない」と彼女は保護主義的な貿易行動について語った。「これらの関税はアメリカの消費者と企業に対する税金です。事業を行うこと、コストを管理することをより難しく、より高価にし、消費者はそれからより高い価格に遭遇しています。」 –ジェフ・コックス、「ジャネット・イエレンは、米国経済が不況に陥ることについて「心配する良い理由がある」と言います、https://www.cnbc.com、2019年 11月21日。

The Trump Twitter Feed declared US interest rates should be lower than other interest rates, because it is the U.S. As the world’s reserve currency, there is an argument for lower US interest rates. Falling trade volumes weaken that argument. The ballooning US current account deficit and budget deficit also argue US interest rates should be higher than elsewhere. – Paul Donovan, UBS Morning Comment, November 19, 2019.

If it’s not delays in settling the trade war between the U.S. and China, it’s the U.S. presidential impeachment proceedings. If it’s not either of those, it is reports that global trade and the global economy are slowing down because companies are reluctant to invest monies until they know what the world trade situation will be in 2020. All of these matters share something in common with geocosmic studies: Jupiter is about to leave the expansive and optimistic sign of Sagittarius on December 2, when it will join Saturn and Pluto in the more sober and restrictive sign of Capricorn for the next year. All three of these planets will commence new synodic (conjunction) cycles in 2020 in what is known as “The Capricorn Stellium.”


米国と中国との間の貿易戦争の解決が遅れないとすると、それは米国の大統領弾劾手続によるものでしょう。これらのいずれでもない場合、2020年に世界貿易の状況がどうなるかを知るまで、企業は金銭を投資することに消極的であるため、世界貿易と世界経済が減速していると報告されています。 木星は、12月2日に射手座の広大で楽観的な兆候を離れようとしています。そのとき、土星と冥王星は、来年の山羊座のより冷静で制限的な兆候に加わります。これらの3つの惑星はすべて、2020年に「山羊座ステリウム」として知られる新しい会合(conjunction)サイクルを開始します。

Let’s put this in an astrological perspective. There are ten synodic cycles involving Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune and Pluto. These are the longest of all the planetary cycles. They range from 13-492 years in duration. Three of these ten cycles will start (and end) in one single year – 2020. That doesn’t happen too often. The last time we had three long-term synodic cycles within 12 months was in 1881-1882, but they were not all in the same sign, nor did they involve Saturn and Pluto. And that brings us to the point that all of these current developments – trade disputes (tariffs), slowing world economy, and impeachment – are related to the Capricorn Stellium, and especially the 31-37-year Saturn/Pluto cycle that takes place in less than two months.

これを占星術の観点から見てみましょう。木星、土星、天王星、海王星、冥王星を含む10の同期サイクルがあります。これらはすべての惑星のサイクルの中で最も長いものです。期間は13〜492年です。これらの10サイクルのうち3つは、たった1年間 –  2020年 に開始(および終了)します。これはあまり頻繁には発生しません。最後に12か月以内に3つの長期的な同期サイクルがあったのは1881-1882年でしたが、それらはすべて同じ兆候ではなく、土星と冥王星も含まれていませんでした。そしてそれは、貿易紛争(関税)、世界経済の減速、弾劾といったこれらの現在のすべての展開が、山羊座ステリウム、特に31-37年の土星冥王星サイクルに関係しているという点に、2か月以内に私たちを導きます。

The progress of Jupiter in Sagittarius, or rather the hope for progress that was associated with Jupiter in Sagittarius, is grinding to halt. Even the renegotiated North American trade agreement that was believed all but certain to pass in 2019 is now in doubt. These are just some of the reasons why stock markets around the world were stagnant last week following all-time and multi-year highs in several the prior week.


These same issues were also the reason why treasury markets rebounded last week, which in turn led to modest rallies in several commodities, such as Gold, Silver and Crude Oil. However, neither the decline in stocks nor the rallies in metals signify a reversal of the underlying primary trend yet. They appear to be more akin to pauses, which is very typical of Mercury stationary as it ended its retrograde motion last week.



Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu of Israel was indicted on corruption charges… Attorney General Avichai Mandelblit said on Thursday that Mr. Netanyahu faces charges of bribery, fraud, and breach of trust in connection with three corruption probes… Mr. Netanyahu’s political survival might now depend on whether Knesset grants him immunity, which would pause the indictment until after he leaves that parliamentary body. – Felicia Schwartz and Dov Lieber, “Israel’s Netanyahu Is Indicted on Bribery and Fraud Charges,” Wall Street Journal, November 22, 2019. The 32-37 year Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn on January 12, 2020 is already in full operational mode in places other than the U.S. Saturn and Capricorn pertain to governments around the world, and Pluto pertains to charges of corruption against world leaders, or by world leaders against those they perceive as threats or their opponents. It is an aspect that correlates with efforts to impeach, or remove from office– or positions of power. It is a force to transform or reform the structure and processes that currently define power and authority in an institution or a leader.

2020年1月12日の山羊座での32〜37年の土星冥王星のコンジャンクションは、米国以外の場所で既に完全な運用モードにあり、土星山羊座のパターンは世界中の政府に関係しています。そして、冥王星は、世界の指導者に対する汚職の告発や、世界の指導者が脅威または敵と考える人々による汚職の告発に関係しています。 これは、弾劾、または職からの排除、または権力の地位への取組と相関するアスペクトです。それは、現在、組織やリーダーの権力と権限を定義している構造とプロセスを変換または改革する力です。

Pluto and Mars have co-rulership over the sign of Scorpio. Last week, Mars ingressed into Scorpio, where it will remain through January 3, 2020. Since both Pluto and Scorpio rule investigations, revelations, and allegations of cover ups (like extortion, bribery), it was no surprise that the impeachment efforts against both Presidents Trump and Netanyahu were top news stories last week. It is unlikely that these efforts will end by the time Saturn conjoins Pluto on January 12. Yet, so far, they do not seem to be having an adverse effect on world stock indices. In the U.S., investors are signaling that they do not expect President Trump to be removed from office. However, Mars in Scorpio will form an opposition to Uranus on Sunday, November 24. That aspect alone has a strong historical correlation to a sudden and steep declines in world stock prices within 4 trading days, after which strong rallies often follow. Later in the week, on November 27, Neptune will turn stationary direct. As Neptune co-rules Crude Oil, the energy markets may be about to reverse their recent trends. In fact, Jupiter and Neptune – the co-rulers of Crude Oil – will be active through December 20 when Jupiter forms a trine to Uranus, followed by the new moon conjunct Jupiter, December 26-27. It is going to be an interesting end of the year for many financial markets, for with Jupiter, nothing is small, and everything can be exaggerated.




In summary, both Mercury and Neptune are stationary, changing directions from retrograde to direct, November 20-27. Finding two planets changing directions within a week of one another is oftentimes a sign that short-term trends in various financial markets are ready for a reversal. These two planets are interesting because of what they represent: Mercury is communication and information, and Neptune often relates to rumors and misinformation. This is not a favorable time to be caught in a lie, and allegations of falsehoods are likely to be rampant now (they already are). It is, however, a favorable time for music, dance, and the arts. With the Sun in the party and celebratory sign of Sagittarius, it can be a festive time to enjoy the company of friends and family. In America, it is a favorable time to celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday. However, it may not be wise to engage political debates, not with Mars in Scorpio and Saturn approaching its conjunction to Pluto. The season of Sagittarius favors lightness and fun, but the season of Mars in Scorpio, with Saturn approaching Pluto in Capricorn, can be heavy. If not careful, words can offend, even if not intended to offend. People may be careless of what they say, and others may be overly sensitive as to what they think they hear. That’s why rumors, misinformation, and misunderstandings may dominate this week’s trading in financial markets, as well as what you see, read, or hear in the news.

要約すると、水星と海王星は両方とも静止しており、11月20〜27日に方向を逆行から順行に変更します。互いに1週間以内に方向を変える2つの惑星を見つけることは、多くの場合、さまざまな金融市場の短期的な傾向が逆転の準備ができていることの兆候です。これらの2つの惑星は、それらが表すもののために興味深いものです。水星はコミュニケーションと情報であり、海王星はしばしば噂と誤報に関連しています。これはうそをつかむのに都合のよい時期ではなく、偽りの疑惑は今や蔓延している可能性が高い(すでにそうなっている)。しかし、音楽、ダンス、そして芸術にとって好ましい時期です。 太陽がパーティーに参加し、射手座のお祝いのしるしがあるので、友人や家族の会社を楽しむお祭りの時間になります。アメリカでは、感謝祭の祝日を祝うのに良い時期です。しかしながら、さそり座の火星が冥王星との関係に近づいているのではなく、政治討論を行うのは賢明ではないかもしれません。



  • 射手座木星が終わり、貿易交渉はますます厳しくなる。
  • 32〜37年サイクルの土星冥王星コンジャンクションが2020年1月12日に山羊座で起こる。山羊座冥王星は権力者への告発に関係することから、北米以外で影響力を発揮している。
  • さそり座の火星は11月24日日曜日に天王星にオポジションするが、4取引日以内の世界の株価の突然の急激な下落と強い歴史的相関があり、その後は強い反発が続く。
  • 水星と海王星は両方とも静止しており、11月20〜27日に方向を逆行から順行に変更するが、これは、金融市場の短期的な傾向が逆転する兆候である。