“… the investigation did not establish that members of the Trump Campaign conspired or coordinated with the Russian Government in its election interference activities.” ­Robert Mueller, Associated Press, “Responses Spin After Mueller’s Findings are Released,” April 19, 2019.

Mr. Mueller makes no “prosecutorial judgement” about obstruction, though he conspicuously says that “this report does not conclude that the president committed a crime, it also does not exonerate him.” -  Wall Street Journal Editorial Page, “Obstruction of Nothing,” April 19, 2019.

“No Collusion. No obstruction. For the haters and the radical left Democrats - Game Over.” – Donald Trump@realDonaldTrump.
Despite furious Republican demands to drop the subject altogether, Democrats, if anything, appear more alarmed about the president’s conduct as outlined in the report and more determined to pursue several lines of inquiry and hear from the special counsel, Robert Mueller III, himself. – Carl Hulse, “Mueller Findings Kick Off a Political Tug of War That’s Only Just Beginning,” The New York Times, April 19, 2019.

The long-awaited Mueller Report finally came out on Thursday, April 18, and the result was a big …. no surprise. However, the response was very big, and despite promises to the contrary upon release, no one changed their mind. Likewise, the stock markets of the world didn’t change their direction either. Most continued their torrid rally that started in late December. Some, like India’s Nifty and Zurich’s SMI, soared to new all-time highs. Others, like the Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P, and NASDAQ Composite, are getting close.

The rallies to new cycle highs last week may still be related to the April 10-15 time band of containing three major Jupiter transits, including its stationary retrograde date of April 10. That was also the date of the new multi-month high in Bitcoin, which was tested, but not yet exceeded as of last week. But the fact that many stock indices closed the week on or near their highs for 2019 suggest that prices could go higher, which means one of the forthcoming geocosmic signatures could have a stronger correlation to a reversal in equities, while the April 10-15 signatures correlated to a reversal in other markets, like highs in Bitcoin, Crude Oil, and U.S. Treasuries.

「調査では、トランプ選挙運動のメンバーが選挙干渉活動においてロシア政府と協調したり調整したりしたことは証明されなかった。」ロバート・ミュラー氏、 2019年4月19日、AP通信。



共和党がこの問題を全面的に落とすよう要求したにもかかわらず、民主党員たちは、報告書に概説されているように大統領の行動に不安を感じ、特別弁護人ロバート・ミュラー自身からの意見聴取を決心した。「ミュラー調査の結果は、始まったばかりの政治的綱引きを開始」2019年4月19日、The New York Times。

待望のミュラーレポートがついに4月18日木曜日に発表され、その結果は大きなものになりました。驚きません。しかしながら、その反応は非常に大きく、そして釈放されるなら考えを改めるとの約束をしたにもかかわらず、誰も彼らの考えを変えなかった。同様に、世界の株式市場もその方向を変えませんでした。ほとんどの人は12月下旬に始まった彼らの激しい上昇を続けた。インドのNiftyやZurichのSMIのように、史上最高値を更新した指数もいます。Dow Jones工業株価平均、S&P、NASDAQコンポジットなど、他の指数も最高値に近づいています。



We are about to begin a time band containing several important geocosmic signatures with historical correlations to reversals in many markets, April 22 through May 18. This time band will be bookended by the Sun/Uranus conjunction on April 22 and the Venus/Uranus conjunction May 18. Both are considered Level 1 (most powerful) in our studies of reversals in equity markets going back to the late 1920s. Both involve Uranus, which makes this a very challenging period for both investors and market analysts, since Uranus pertains to the unpredictable. In most cases, such periods coincide with reversals. But in a surprisingly large percentage of cases, such Uranus signatures also have coincided with sharp breakouts of well-defined resistance and support zones, leading to new highs in some markets and new lows in others. The stock market is nearing new highs. In fact, several global indexes are already making new highs for this year (2019), and this surge up to new highs can be associated with the Sun/Uranus conjunction in Taurus (money and stocks) this Monday, April 22, It is possible that these breakouts will continue, or resume, near the time when Venus conjoins Uranus on May 18, again in Taurus, the ruling of sign of Venus.


The explosive breakout potential of Uranus, however may be repressed by the retrograde of Pluto and Saturn, which take place in the next week, on April 22 and 29 respectively. The latter (Saturn retrograde) is another important Level One geocosmic signature as published in “The Ultimate Book on Stock Market Timing, Volume 3: Geocosmic Correlations to Trading Cycles.”

When planets change direction, as in the case of Pluto and Saturn next week, it highlights the principles of that planet. Pluto pertains to the psychology of obsession and relentless attacks or efforts to remove someone from their current position. Hence, the calls for impeachment. It also pertains to danger and threats, whether related to nature (like fires and floods, storms and high winds) or human activity that puts others in danger (terrorism, assassination attempts, power plays). But it can also represent intense efforts to rebuild and reform that which has been damaged, or is in need of repair. Additionally, Pluto rules investigations and surveillance.


However, it is the April 29 Saturn station (going from direct to retrograde) that has a stronger correlation to reversals in financial markets. Saturn demands accountability, so the idea that the Mueller investigation has ended is probably not correct. It may instead just be the end of the first act, with more investigations about to be launched – and they may not pertain to only Donald Trump. Saturn has to do with the past. It may seem as if the whole 2016 election is returning, like an updated version of Bill Murray’s “Groundhog Day.” With Mars also square Neptune (April 27) right in the middle of these two retrogrades, we will once again be challenged to figure out the truth, because under Neptune, you can’t believe what you see, hear, or read. The truth is within your own inner being. It’s not coming from the outside.



多くの株価指数が2019年の最高値付近で週を終えたという事実は、更に価格が上がる可能性があるとのことで、4月22日の太陽・天王星コンジャンクションを目指していたラリーは、5月18日の金星・天王星コンジャンクションを次の節目として、 それまでに上昇が継続しているか、またはそこから上昇が再開するとのことです。