An abiding mystery of the Trump Presidency is why it can’t stand prosperity. And right on time, after its victory on Russian collusion, the Administration decided this week to elevate a legal fight over health care that it is almost sure to lose. – “A Losing Health Care Strategy,” Opinion Page, Wall Street Journal, March 28, 2019.

British Prime Minister Theresa May has lost another crucial Brexit vote in the U.K. Parliament as lawmakers again refused to back her deal to leave the European Union. She had offered her future resignation in an apparent exchange for support of the deal. – David Reid, “Theresa May Loses Crucial Vote on her Brexit Deal for a Third Time,” https://www.cnbc.com, March 29, 2019.

Mercury, planet of communication, information, and news ended its three-week retrograde cycle and has now turned direct as of Thursday March 28. Right on schedule, last week was also a week of a lot of news. Given that Mercury is conjunct Neptune in Pisces as well, and the dominant major aspect in 2019 is the Jupiter/Neptune square, it is not surprising that there was so much (Jupiter in Sagittarius) information delivered last week that it was either hard to digest or a source of even more confusion (Neptune and Pisces). Did the fog of Neptune and Pisces lift with so much dramatic (Jupiter) news, or did the ground become even more unstable? We cannot forget that Saturn and Pluto are now in orb of a conjunction in Capricorn too, which rules the ground, or our foundation.

トランプ政権の神秘を探ると、それがなぜ繁栄に耐えられないのかわかります。そして時間通りに、ロシアゲート疑惑に勝利した後、政権は、ほとんど確実に負けるであろうが、ヘルスケアに対する法定闘争(オバマケアを廃止するための法的異議)を決定しました。 ― ウォールストリートジャーナル、2019年3月28日。



Two of the major news items of last week occurred in the USA and the UK. In the USA, Trump supporters celebrated – and the Trump-haters decried – the release of the Mueller investigation concluding that there was no collusion between the Trump campaign and Russian officials to interfere with the 2016 election. For the Trump supporters, this vindicates their claim that the entire investigation was a witch-hunt, a “collusion-delusion.” which is one of the classic symbols of Jupiter and Neptune in a hard aspect, especially involving Pisces. For the “Never-Trump” camp, this is a huge disappointment, even betrayal, where reality and illusion finally met in the inevitable clash. But conviction remains that the President is still guilty of something - maybe many things - and his opposition will not cease investigations to find out (more Jupiter and Neptune, combined with Saturn and Pluto). The Mueller report doesn’t end the divisive polarity between the two camps. In fact, if possible, it is likely to escalate it even further going into the 2020 election, as the planets will shift from Jupiter in Sagittarius for most of 2019, to a stellium in Capricorn for most of 2020. That’s like going from wildness and freedom to say and do anything, to a period of censorship and punishment for saying and doing whatever one pleases. It’s like going from a surplus to a deficit in your accounts if you are not careful. But being “careful” is an important characteristic to follow in order to successfully navigate these next two years.

先週の2つの主要ニュース項目はアメリカとイギリスで発生しました。米国では、トランプの支持者たちが祝い、トランプを非難する者たちが非難したのは、ミュラーのレポートがリリースされ、2016年の選挙を妨害するトランプキャンペーンとロシア当局者との間の共謀はないと結論付けたということです。トランプの支持者たちにとって、これは調査そのものが魔女狩りであり、「妄想」であるという彼らの主張を裏付けるものです。これは、特に魚座を巻き込んで、木星と海王星のハードアスペクトにおける典型的な象徴の1つです。アンチトランプ陣営にとって、これは大きな失望であり、裏切りでさえあり、現実と幻想はついに避けられない衝突を起こしました。しかし大統領はまだ何か - おそらく多くのもの - に対して有罪であるという確信が残っています。そして、トランプの対立陣営は調査を中止しないでしょう。ミュラーのレポートは2つの陣営間の分裂的な極性を終わらせるものではありません。実際、可能なら、それは、さらに2020年の大統領選挙に向けてエスカレートするでしょう。惑星は、2019年の大半の間は射手座の木星ですが、2020年の大半の間は山羊座のステリウムへ変化します。気を付けていないと、口座残高は、黒字から赤字になるかもしれない。注意するのは、今後2年間でうまくナビゲートしてくれる重要な特性に従うべきということです。

In the UK, there was little celebration – and much anger – as Prime Minster Theresa May’s third attempt to garner support for the Brexit/exit has failed. This, of course, continues the utter confusion brought on by the vote of June 2016 that was conducted under Mars retrograde, a dynamic suggesting a struggle to get anything carried out that was decided then.

Yet, in spite of all of these conflicting emotions and news events, global equity markets continued to hold up, especially in the USA and China, where stock indices are once again approaching their highs of 2019. The rally was fueled either by the Mueller report, lower interest rates, or the continuing promise of a resolution on the trade dispute with China, depending on whose narrative you have heard or read. But then again, be careful, for under Jupiter square Neptune, you cannot believe anything you read and hear unless it is verifiable, and obviously there is a lot being spoken or written these days that has not been and is not verifiable. It’s all emotions, hysteria and wishful thinking.

In other markets, crude oil and T-Notes soared to a new high for this new year. However, it was not a favorable week for precious metals. Gold fell below 1300, testing 1290, while Silver fell to 14.95, its lowest mark so far in 2019. Gold did not make a new low for 2019 yet, which may prove to be a case of intermarket bullish divergence between these two related commodities.



他市場では、原油と債券が年初来最高値を更新しました。しかし、貴金属にとっては好ましい週ではありませんでした。 ゴールドは1399を下回り、1290をテストしましたが、シルバーは2019年の最低水準である14.95まで下落しました。ただし、ゴールドは2019年の新しい安値を付けませんでした。


U.S. economic growth slowed sharply in the fourth quarter last year to an annual rate of just 2.2 percent. There are concerns that growth has slowed even more in the first quarter this year as global weakness, fading government stimulus and rising trade tensions take a toll on the economy. – Martin Crutsinger, “US Economic Growth Slows Sharply in Q4,” Associated Press, March 29, 2019.

Next week will witness a new Moon in Aries on Friday, April 5, the same day the employment reports are to be released. Symbolically, both Aries and a new Moon indicate a new beginning, new energy to start new projects. With Mercury now direct, that idea may be enhanced even more. Maybe the UK will come up with a bright new idea on how to handle Brexit.

Our focus, however, will be more on the cluster of geocosmic signatures gathering April 10-15. This should be interesting because, on the one hand, the Jupiter/Neptune square will be highlighted by Venus conjoining Neptune and in a square aspect to Jupiter. At the same time Jupiter turns retrograde and forms a trine aspect to the Sun. This highlights optimism and hopefulness of ideas that may be proposed. Yet, at the same time, the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn is also highlighted as the transiting Sun makes a square to each. Together, this cluster also has a historical correlation with large price swings, the type that often coincide with the DJIA trading up or down 300+ points in a day. It is more of a “good news/bad news” period, but one that can nevertheless correspond to reversals in several financial markets. It may offer excellent trading possibilities, not only in equity markets, but also in crude oil. It may be a favorable time to review Nitin Bhandari’s “Time for Crude Oil” report before prices increase. We also expect large moves in precious metals, soybeans, and currency markets, as heliocentric Mercury will be in Sagittarius, April 3-15.

昨年の第4四半期の米国の経済成長は急激に減速し、年率はわずか2.2%でした。世界的な低迷、政府の景気後退の激化、貿易の緊張の高まりなどにより、今年第1四半期の経済成長はさらに減速したとの懸念があります。 - Martin Crutsinger、「米国の経済成長は第4四半期に大幅に減速」、AP通信、2019年3月29日。


株式市場だけでなく、原油においても優れたトレードを提供する可能性があります。価格が上昇する前に、Nitin Bhandari氏のレポート「Time for Crude Oil」を確認するのが好ましいでしょう。4月3日から15日にかけて、ヘリオセントリック(太陽が中心になる)の水星が射手座に入ることになるため、貴金属、大豆、および通貨市場における大きな動きが予想されます。


U.S. Agriculture Secretary Sonny Perdue told Fox Business Network that the governors of Nebraska and Iowa told him that up to 1 million calves may have been killed. – Peter Szekely, “Pets, Livestock Among Victims of Midwest Flooding,” Reuters, March 19, 2019.

“One market that may be prominent now is crude oil, ruled by Neptune and Pisces. Last week, crude oil soared above $60/barrel for the first time since mid-November. Grains may also be in the news too because – consistent with Jupiter (exaggeration) square Neptune (rains) – weather forecasters now (and we in the Forecast 2019 Book) are calling for record floods this season and beyond. We are not surprised, although we think it is more this year and not beyond.” Last week’s MMA Column.

Last week was a classic example of geocosmic signatures correlating with cycles in human activity. Jupiter square Neptune, with Neptune in Pisces, relates to the damage caused by heavy rains. It is now reported that up to 1 million calves may have died as a result of the record rains. This also highlights the importance of Uranus in Taurus, which rules Live Cattle, indicating that meat prices will likely trend higher due to loss of supply. This is consistent with chapters in both the Forecast 2018 and 2019 books.

米農務長官Sonny Perdueはフォックスビジネスネットワークに、ネブラスカ州とアイオワ州の知事が最大100万頭の子牛が死んだ可能性があると語ったと答えた。 - Peter Szekely、「ペット、中西部の洪水の犠牲者の中の家畜」、ロイター、2019年3月19

「現在目立つかもしれない1つの市場は原油で、海王星と魚座が支配しています。先週、原油は11月中旬以来初めて60ドル/バレルを超えて急上昇した。木星(誇張)海王星(雨)スクエアと一致して、(我々がForecast 2019の中で指摘しているように、)気象予報の研究者が、今シーズン以降の記録的な洪水を予測しているので、穀物価格高騰のニュースが出るかもしれません。今年は更に洪水があり、今後もそうだと思っていますが、私たちは別に驚きません。」先週のMMAコラム。

先週は、人の活動の周期と相関する地質学的特徴の典型的な例でした。魚座に海王星を持つ木星海王星スクエアは、大雨によって引き起こされたダメージに関連しています。記録的な雨の結果として、最大100万人の子牛が死亡した可能性があることが現在報告されています。これはまた、牡牛座における天王星の重要性を浮き彫りにしています。これは、Forecast 2018と2019の両方の書籍の章と一致しています。


Transiting planets are also an effective tool for understanding current trends in one’s life. Take, for instance, President Donald Trump, born June 14, 1946, 10:54 AM, in Queens New York, according to a copy of his birth certificate posted on his website during his presidential campaign in 2016. During his first year in office, transiting Saturn in Sagittarius was conjunct his natal Moon, opposite his Sun. At the time, we pointed out he was at a peak in life where accomplishments would be possible (Saturn in opposition to the Sun), but his popularity would be low (Saturn conjunct his Moon). In 2019, Jupiter replaced Saturn’s position in the heavens. That is, transiting Jupiter (not Saturn) is now in conjunction with President Trump’s natal Moon, but in opposition to his natal Sun. The importance would be just the opposite. His popularity would be high, but his accomplishments meagre. His exoneration from collusion with the Russians by the Mueller report is not really an accomplishment, but is likely to increase his approval ratings. Yet his bizarre tendency to snatch defeat from victory, by abruptly putting forth a legal challenge to repeal Obamacare is likely to go nowhere, another waste of time and resources that could easily fail, divide the nation further, and bring down his approval ratings, as Jupiter will leave his Moon by year end. What comes after that is transiting Pluto in opposition to his natal Venus/Saturn in 2020-2022. That is not an aspect of popularity if one tries to force matters without sufficient support from colleagues. He will also have transiting Neptune making a T-square to his natal Sun/Moon opposition. That has more to do with his psychological or mental functioning (see Forecast 2019 Book).

With Neptune in Pisces (2011-2025), it will be hard to stem the tide towards universal health care, or the increasing march towards more socialism. With Neptune, it’s a conflict between compassion and delusion. You must always ask yourself: What are the facts? What is the reality? And, are they negotiable or fixed? The answers are in short supply.






同僚からの十分な支援なしに、問題を強いるのであれば、それは評価を得るというアスペクトではありません。彼はまた、海王星の太陽/月の反対側にT-スクエアを作って通過する海王星を持ちます。それは彼の心理的または精神的機能ともっと関係があります( 『Forecast 2019 Book』を参照)。