Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell’s assertion this week that the U.S. economy remains strong is facing a stern test from the bond market, which showed a classic recession sign Friday morning. Short-term government fixed income yields are now ahead of the longer part of the curve, delivering a strong recession indication that hasn’t happened since 2007. The spread, or yield curve, between the 3-month and 10-year Treasury notes just broke the longest streak ever of being above 10 basis points, or 0.1 percentage point. The two maturities were last below that level in September 2007. The two maturities inverted Friday morning, a near-perfect sign that a recession is coming. An inverted yield curve does not mean a recession is imminent but that one is likely over the next year or so. – Jeff Cox, “The Bond Market is Flashing Its Biggest Recession Sign Since Before the Financial Crisis,”, March 22, 2019.

City planners, builders, engineers, and scientists are racing to find new ways for people to make a home as climate change brings increased heavy flooding, dangerous weather conditions, and extreme storm surges. – Elizabeth Weise, “The Floods Are Coming; Here’s What You Can Do,” USA Today, March 22, 2019.

今週の米国経済は依然として堅調であるとのジェローム・パウエル連邦議会議長の主張は、債券市場からの厳しいテストに直面している。短期政府債券の利回り曲線は、今や長期曲線を上回り、2007年以来起きていない強力な景気後退の兆候を提供している。3ヶ月と10年債の間のイールドカーブの広がりは、10ベーシスポイント、つまり0.1%ポイントを超え、これまでで最も長い停滞を破りました。イールドカーブの広がりは、2007年9月を最後に順利回りとなっていましたが、金曜日の朝に逆転しました。景気後退が近づいていることを示すほぼ完璧な兆候です。逆利回り曲線は、景気後退が差し迫っていることを意味するのではありませんが、景気後退は来年かそこらの間に可能性が高いです。- Jeff Cox「債券市場は金融危機以前から最大の景気後退の兆しを見せています。」cnbc、2019年3月22日。

都市計画者、建築者、技術者、そして科学者たちは、気候変動によって洪水の増加、危険な気象条件、そして極度の高潮が起こるにつれて、人々が家を作るための新しい方法を模索しています。 - エリザベス・ウェイズ、「洪水がやってくる。」USA Today、2019年3月22日。


Last week exhibited a confluence of interesting geocosmic activity, all within the middle of the Mercury retrograde cycle in Pisces. The actual middle of this retrograde period occurred the prior weekend, on March 16-17. However, by mid-week, March 20, the Vernal (spring) equinox got underway, simultaneously, on a rare full moon, something that seems to happen about every 18-19 years (and precedes a downturn in the stock market). One day later, March 21, Venus formed a fixed-sign square to Mars at 23° Aquarius/Taurus. In the founding chart of the New York Stock Exchange (May 17, 1792), Mercury is posited at 23° Taurus and Pluto at 23° Aquarius, the same positions of the Venus/Mars square in today’s sky. You would think that would coincide with a significant movement (reversal) in world equity and other financial markets. You would be correct.

先週は、魚座の水星逆行サイクルの真ん中で、興味深いジオコスミック活動の集合が見られました。この逆行期間の真ん中の折り返し地点は、前週末の3月16日から17日に発生しました。しかし、3月20日の週半ばまでに、春分の日、(株式市場の低迷に先行して)18〜19年に一度発生すると思われるレアな満月が同時に起こりました。 1日後の3月21日、金星は火星へのスクエアを水瓶座/牡牛座の23°で形成しました。ニューヨーク証券取引所のフォウンディングチャート(1792年5月17日)では、水星は牡牛座23°、冥王星は水瓶座23°に位置しています。それが世界の株式市場やその他の金融市場における大きな動き(反転)と同時に起こると思うなら、あなたは正しいでしょう。


March 19-21 witnessed new cycle highs in several world stock indices, followed by sharp declines into the end of the week. In the United States, new highs for 2019 occurred on March 21 in the S&P and NASDAQ Composite indices, but not in the Dow Jones Industrial Average (DJIA). The DJIA made a secondary peak for this new year on Tuesday, March 19, at 26,109, slightly below its cycle high of 26,241 recorded on February 25. By Friday, March 22, the DJIA was down hard, over 400 points, testing 25,500 on the close. Analysts were quickly lowering their forecast for economic growth in the USA, associated with slower growth than originally thought in Europe and China. This followed worrisome warnings mid-week by the Federal Reserve Board along the same lines, explaining why the central bank has decided against any more rate hikes in 2019, when just a couple of weeks ago the forecast was for two more rate hikes. No one seems to know why the sudden turn from optimism to worry about the global economy. Why wasn’t this slowdown seen before? That could be related to the fact that no one in these fields understands the dynamic of Mercury retrograde, especially in Pisces, and more so in conjunction with Neptune, the ruler of Pisces. But Financial Astrologers know. In fact, this is a classical aspect depicting the reality that no one really knows the reality of the world economy. They don’t know that they don’t know until it becomes obvious that they don’t know. And even then, there is denial and lack of accountability, all qualities of the darker side of Neptune and Pisces.


〇 魚座    3月6日~ 3月28日
〇 獅子座   7月8日~ 8月 1日
〇 さそり座 11月1日~11月21日

〇 魚座 2011年8月5日~2025年3月30日


Mercury knows. Mercury rules knowledge, information, and mental processing. But it is in its detriment in Pisces, which has a hard time processing information, such as facts. This is compounded by Mercury retrograde, which implies a challenge processing – or obtaining – relevant information in an understandable way to communicate to others as well. The result is the realization that what we thought was real (the “miracle” national and world economy) is not real at all. It is an illusion, or a by-product of wishful thinking, which are again under the domain of Neptune and Pisces. They rule the imagination, fantasy, the ability to see things in the abstract. These qualities are valuable for words of inspiration, and a heightened sense of intuition and even creative thinking. But that is not the world in which the world economy and financial markets operate most efficiently. Eventually, illusion meets reality and you get the rude wake up call. You’ve been sleeping. You’ve been too complacent, believing all is well, and any downturn will be temporary and everything (including your portfolio) will return to normal again soon, because isn’t that the way things have been going for the past ten years?



And now, we see an inverted yield curve for the first time since 2007, which was just a couple of months before the Great Recession of 2007-2009 got underway in December 2007, following the then-all-time high in the stock market on October 11, 2007.

Funny, isn’t it? October 11, 2007 also corresponded to the last time Jupiter was in the middle of Sagittarius, a 12-year planetary cycle that has a rich history of corresponding to long-term cycle crests in the U.S. stock market. It is underway again, November 8, 2018 through December 2, 2019.



2018年11月 8日~2019年12月2日


“Oh, the wonderful knowledge to be found in the stars. Even the smallest things are written there…if you had but skill to read.” - Benjamin Franklin, in a quote from a book about to be published by a very successful businessman who had an “awakening” following an astrological consultation. More on that in a future column.“All I know since yesterday is Everything has changed”

Taylor Swift and Ed Sheeran, “Everything Has Changed,” from the album “Red,” Big Machine Republic, 2013 (can be heard on YouTube)

No, I am not a Taylor Swift groupie. But this song was playing on a Pandora Radio station I was listening to this week and the words caught my attention. This was right after I had an inspiring conversation with recording musician and friend Richard Hardy, who also studies astrology. We were discussing the meaning of the Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn, and how best to utilize its principles in one’s personal life, especially as it alternates back and forth between the sweet delirium of the dream-like Jupiter square Neptune, with each in its own ruling sign, and the harsh reality of the demanding Saturn/Pluto conjunction in Capricorn. The latter is not as forgiving as the laid-back Jupiter/Neptune combination.


Taylor SwiftとEd Sheeranの「Everything Has Changed」(YouTubeで聞くことができます)

私はTaylor Swiftのグループではありません。しかし、この曲は私が今週聴いていたPandoraラジオ局で演奏されていて、その言葉が私の注意を引きました。占星術も研究しているレコーディング・ミュージシャンと友人のリチャード・ハーディーと感動的な会話をした直後でした。彼らと議論をしていたのは、山羊座での土星冥王星のコンジャンクションの意味、そして、その原則を個人的な生活の中でどのように利用するのが最善か、特に、夢のような木星海王星スクエアの甘いせん妄の間で、それぞれが独自の支配的なサインを持って交互に交代すること、更に、山羊座において要求の厳しい土星冥王星のコンジャンクションの過酷な現実についてです。後者は、ゆったりとした木星と海王星の組み合わせほど寛容ではありません。


Jupiter/Neptune is in force January through September 2019. The Saturn/Pluto conjunction is not exact until January 12, 2020, but it is close enough to have a correspondence even now, as they are within three degrees of one another through June. Time-wise, the Jupiter/Neptune square arrived first, and is followed by the conjunction of Saturn and Pluto. But along the way, now through the summer, they weave back and forth across one another’s landscape. Then it is mostly Saturn/Pluto and the Capricorn Stellium in influence late 2019 through 2020. All I know since yesterday is… everything has changed. The bright economy, the “miracle” economy, as promoted by the President as turning around until this week when he proclaimed that that the Federal Reserve Board’s tightening policy at the end of 2018 has damaged this “economic miracle.” What was optimistic has turned worrisome. What was Jupiter in Sagittarius (optimism and unfounded exuberance) has turned into Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn (“Where have all the flowers – or monies –  gone?”).



2023年 6月11日~2024年1月20日



Yet, every planetary and celestial body represents a dynamic, an archetype, that can be used constructively, even in a “hard aspect,” as Saturn conjunct Pluto is. So, how does one constructively use Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn? What are the principles striving to be integrated for greatest personal growth?

Saturn and Capricorn both represent control and ethics, while Pluto represents power and transformation. This is a time when the power of Pluto may be experienced as a threat to one’s control, a force that seems to demand one to change, to go against one’s own personal code of ethics (assuming one has a personal code of ethics). The challenge is to stay true to your core principles, and not let others or circumstances force you to violate the core of who you are and do something that is not you because of outside pressures. Although this is true with the world in general, the masses, it is especially pertinent to those who have planets located between 15-24° of cardinal signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra, and Capricorn), especially Cancer and Capricorn. We know the Sun is in these degrees for anyone born January 5-16 and July 7-18, regardless of year of birth. It also affects those born April 5-16 and October 8-18.
To stand with your feet on the burning coals and not surrender principles you hold sacred will empower you, make you stronger. To surrender and give in to external pressures to do something that deep within you know is not right, will likely result in losing something of yourself that will be hard to regain. This period is a test of your commitment, your connection, to your own personal ethics. Don’t sell yourself out. You can change, but maintain your integrity and your sense of self-control. Pluto also represents the urge to dig deep within, to locate the source from which personal transformation can then take place. Hence, this is a major learning period, and the consequences of how you – and how the world at large – handles it, will determine the circumstances of your (our) future for the next several years.



燃えている石炭の上に立って、神聖に保持している原則を放棄しないようにすることは、力を与えより強くします。あなたの奥深くにあることをさせようとする外部からの圧力に屈して与えるのは正しくありません。取り戻すのが難しいでしょう。自分の何かを失うことになる可能性があります。この期間は、自身の個人倫理に対する責任やつながりのテストです。自分を売らないでください。あなたは変えることができますが、あなたの誠実さとあなたの自制心を維持してください。冥王星はまた、個人的な変革が起こり得る源を突き止めるために、深く掘り下げるという衝動を表しています。したがって、これは主要な学習期間であり、あなたが - そして世界全体が - どのようにそれを扱うのかの結果は、今後数年間のあなたの(私たちの)未来の状況を決定するでしょう。


On a short-term basis of understanding financial markets, know that between March 22 and April 3, Mercury is stationary in Pisces, conjunct Neptune. Mercury turns direct March 28, but the dynamics will linger on a few days afterwards. Confusion and uncertainty will dominate the news (think Brexit). It is not a time when information and news is likely to be accurate or reliable. People will come up with wild (even ridiculous) theories, and be tempted to start rumors and distractions to steer attention away from what they are doing and onto others who cannot defend themselves (scapegoats). It is a time for seeing others who will masterfully play the victim card, the victim act, with amazing believability – except it is untrue. It is only an act at best, a hoax at worse.

One market that may be prominent now is crude oil, ruled by Neptune and Pisces. Last week, crude oil soared above $60/barrel for the first time since mid-November. Grains may also be in the news too because – consistent with Jupiter (exaggeration) square Neptune (rains) – weather forecasters now (and we in the Forecast 2019 Book) are calling for record floods this season and beyond. We are not surprised, although we think it is more this year and not beyond. 

短期的に金融市場を理解する視点から言うと、3月22日から4月3日の間、水星は魚座に停滞しています。水星は3月28日に逆行から順行に変わりますが、その力は、数日後まで続きます。混乱と不確実性がニュースを支配します(Brexitのことだと思います)。情報やニュースが正確で信頼できるものになる可能性がある時期ではありません。人々は(ばかげてさえいる)ワイルドな理論を思いつき、彼らがしていることや、自分自身を守れない人たち(スケープゴート)から目をそらすために、噂や気を散らすような誘惑を投げかけたくなるでしょう。真実であることを除いて - 驚くほどの信憑性で、被害者カード、被害者の行為を見事にプレイする人を見かけることになります。それはせいぜい作為であり、悪いことにはデマ情報です。