The U.S. economy added 304,000 jobs in January, according to data released by the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The report follows a 35-day U.S. government shutdown. It also marks the 100th straight month of jobs growth. However, the report also included a sharp downward revision of December’s jobs gains. January’s wages also grew at a much slower-than-expected pace. – Fred Imbert, “Dow Rises After Strong Jobs Report, Post 6-Week Winning Streak,” https://www.cnbc.com, February 1, 2019.

"The case for raising rates has weakened somewhat," Powell said during a news conference following this week's two-day Federal Open Market Committee meeting. The statement came after the FOMC decided to leave its benchmark interest rate target unchanged at 2.25 percent to 2.5 percent. In addition, the committee vowed to take a "patient" approach toward further hikes. – Jeff Cox, “Fed Chair Powell Says the Case for Raising Interest Rates ‘Has Weakened.’” https://www.cnbc.com, January 30, 2019.

The amount of gold bought by central banks in 2018 reached the second highest annual total on record, according to the World Gold Council (WGC). Central banks bought the most gold by volume since 1967, according to the industry research firm, which also highlighted it was the largest amount since former U.S. President Nixon Richard's decision to end the dollar's peg to bullion in 1971. The WGC said the bulk of the buying was carried out by a handful of central banks with Russia leading the way as it looks to swap out dollars from its portfolio... The Federal Reserve is reported to hold the most, amounting for almost three quarters of the nation's foreign-exchange reserve pot. - Davide Reid, “Central Bank Gold Buying Hits Highest Level in Half a Century,” https://www.cnbc.com, January 31, 2019

The Jupiter-in-Sagittarius Bullish Express keeps charging right along. For the sixth straight week, and ever since the mini-crash from early October into December 24, many stocks markets of the world have been rising.  On the day of the announcement, the Dow Jones Industrial Average leaped up 434 points, closing above 25,000 for the first time since December 4.
The Federal Reserve Board added energy to the rally last week when it announced it would pull back from raising short-term rates for the moment, a decision that markets cheered. Both stocks and treasuries soared on that announcement.

Commodities also liked the idea of stable interest rates. Gold and Silver both rallied smartly last week, with Gold trading above 1330 for the first time since last April. Ever since our special reports on Gold issued in August, when Gold fell to 1167, the yellow metal has been in a very bullish pattern, right in line with those reports pointing to the start of a new long-term 31.33-month cycle. The start of all long-term cycles is bullish. Silver also performed well last week, crossing above $16.00 for the first time in six months. Crude oil enjoyed a positive week as it closed above $55.00, a level not seen since November. Soybeans rallied to $9.30/bushel last week too, something not seen since June 2018. It still has further to go to get back to the levels it traded at before the trade dispute and tariffs started with China.

労働統計局が発表したデータによると、米国経済は1月に304,000人の雇用を追加した。報告書は35日間続く米国政府閉鎖をカバーしているものの、100カ月連続の雇用の成長を迎えました。しかし、報告書には12月の雇用増加の急激な下方修正も含まれています。1月の賃金も予想をはるかに下回るペースで成長しました。Fred Imbert記者によると、強い求人レポートの後にダウは上昇し、6週目の連騰を達成した。

パウエル氏は、今週の2日間にわたる連邦公開市場委員会の会議の後の記者会見で、「利上げのケースはやや弱まった」と述べた。この声明は、FOMCがベンチマーク金利の目標を2.25%から2.5%に変更しないことを決定した後に出されました。さらに、委員会はさらなるハイキングに向けて「忍耐強い」アプローチをとることを誓いました。Jeff Cox記者によると、FRB議長のPowellは、金利上昇のケースは「弱まった」と述べている。
ワールドゴールドカウンシル(WGC)によると、2018年に中央銀行が買い取った金の額は、年間計で記録上2番目に高いレベルに達しました。業界調査会社によると、1967年以来、とりわけ1971年にニクソン・リチャード大統領が金とドルの兌換を停止するという決定して以来、中央銀行は最も多くの金を購入していた。ワールドゴールドカウンシル(WGC)によると、買い入れの大半は、ポートフォリオからドルをスワップアウトしようとするような、先導的な一握りのロシア中央銀行などによって行われた。金は、連邦準備制度が最も保有していると報告されており、これは国内の外貨準備の約4分の3に相当します。Davide Reid記者によると、中央銀行の金買いが半世紀ぶりの最高水準を記録した。





“I think Donald Trump is unqualified to be the president. No one in America wants to see him removed from office and not re-elected than me. I can promise you I am not going to do anything to be a spoiler in all of this.”

“Howard Schultz doesn’t have the ‘guts’ to run for President! Watched him on 60 Minutes and I agree with hm that he is not the ‘smartest person.’ Besides, America already has that!” Trump tweeted. – Ronald J. Hansen, “Schultz Visits ASU, Vows Not to be a Spoiler in 2020,” USA Today Network, January 31, 2019.

And there you have it. As questioned before, and now answered, Donald Trump is the smartest man in the world, in his objective (?) analysis. His base loves this confidence.

However, will he win in 2020? In play in 2020 are the conjunctions of three of the ten outmost planets in our solar system, which is a very rare geocosmic event. If we just look at the six possible conjunctions between Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, and Pluto, we will see that 2020 is the first year since 1993 that we have had a new synodic cycle involving such planets. That is a very long time between new synodic cycles involving these planets, and indicates that 2020 will be the end of many long-term planetary cycles and the start of many new ones. As a correlation, this also means it will be the end of several long-term political and economic cycles too, not to mention many long-term financial market cycles. It is why we have labeled 2019 as the “set up” for the powerful transformational changes we see coming up in 2020-2031. The theme will be “Something old, something new.”  And something major along the lines of what happened in 1960-1968, the last time Jupiter and Saturn rolled through Capricorn (the “old”) together on their way to Aquarius and a series of major conjunctions and hard aspects of Saturn and Pluto involving Uranus (the “new”). We will discuss this topic in more detail in next week’s Forecast 2019 Webinar (see Announcements below).

シュルツ曰く、「私はドナルドトランプが大統領になる資格がないと思います。アメリカでは、彼の再選を望んでいる人は誰もいません。しかしながら、私は対立候補になるために何もするつもりはありません。」トランプはつぶやき、「ハワードシュルツは大統領に立候補するための「勇気」を持っていません! 60分彼を見てわかったが、私は彼が最も賢い人ではないと思います。」といった。ロナルド・J・ハンセン記者によると、シュルツがASUを訪問し、2020年には対立候補にならないことを誓った。




Yet, there is one thing that merits noting in regards to the entry of Howard Schultz, founder of Starbucks, in his decision to consider running for the office of USA President in 2020. During the times when Saturn and Pluto conjoin, nearby to the time of Jupiter conjunct Saturn, great leaders emerge upon the world stage. In particular, the Jupiter/Saturn conjunction of December 17-19, 2020 is extremely significant because it marks the start of a 200-year period when “The Great Mutation” will take effect. That is, each of the 20-year Jupiter/Saturn conjunctions for the next 200 years will shift from earth signs to air signs. It represents a major shift in the collective psychology, type of leadership and world dominance, and a change in the arc, or direction, of human history. To Mundane Astrologers, this is huge.

Shorter-term, Venus will enter Capricorn this Sunday, February 3, where it will remain until March 1. Venus in Capricorn will be very alert regarding fairness in long-term agreements and deals. The Capricorn wants to do business, and will seek a long-term arrangement. Venus wants such agreements to be balanced and fair, with each side receiving 50% of the benefits and making 50% of the sacrifices. It is an excellent planet-sign condition for achieving mutually beneficial compromises. Compromises will be the key word. Without compromise on both sides, there will be no deal or agreement. It is not apt to accept any effort in which others try to negotiate a one-sided advantage, or are unwillingly to make any concessions, although under Jupiter square Neptune, such efforts to gain an advantage are likely to be present. In February, we can see many situations arising where this dynamic will be present: the next step in the threat to shut down the government if the other side doesn’t give in to its demands, the USA-China trade talks, and the next meeting scheduled in late February between President Trump and the North Korean leader Kim Jung-un.

Perhaps within the month we will see if indeed Mr. Trump is the smartest man (person) in the world. Or perhaps Xi Jinping, Kim Jung-un, or Nancy Pelosi. Venus in Capricorn suggests that the one who is the most fair and focused will carry the day. Venus in Capricorn values maturity. Those who exhibit impatience, aggression, or arrogance, or who seek to deceive others in order to gain an advantage, are not likely to fare very well during this month.

しかし、スターバックスの創設者であるハワード・シュルツが2020年に大統領に就任することを検討したことで、注目に値することが1つあります。木星が土星をコンジャンクションさせることで、偉大な指導者たちが世界の舞台に登場します。特に、2020年12月17日から19日の木星と土星のコンジャンクションは、「The Great Mutation」が発効する200年の期間の始まりを示すので非常に重要です。つまり、今後200年間で、20年間隔で起こる木星土星コンジャンクションは、地のサインから空のサインに変わります。それは集団的心理学、リーダーシップの種類と世界の支配の大きな変化、そして人類の歴史の弧あるいは方向の変化を表しています。占星術師にとって、これは大きな要素です。